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Geotextile Tubes Dewatering

GSI fabricates GEOSTRUX Geotextile Tubes used in a wide variety of projects where dewatering of sediments and industrial wastes is required.  GEOSTRUX™ Geotextile Tubes are fabricated to exacting tolerances that allow them to be used for dewatering of contaminated sediments, fly ash, copper tailings and at numerous marinas, lakes and rivers. The effectiveness of the geotextile tube dewatering is underscored by the fact that often the effluent is clean enough to be returned to the source. GEOSTRUX Geotextile Tubes can be fabricated to custom sizes to facilitate placement specific to the project.Geotextile Tubes Dewatering

Often the sediment is treated with a polymer before entering the  GEOSTRUX Geotextile Tubes that will accelerate the dewatering process. As the sediment enters the Geotextile Tubes, the sediments particles will flocculate increasing the size of the particle.  The result of this chemical action is that the geotextile tubes dewater more rapidly and the discharged water has dramatically less solids.

Using GEOSTRUX Geotextile tubes is a cost effective and ecologically friendly process when compared to other dewatering methods. Contact GSI to discuss your site specific application.    


Geo-Synthetics, LLC uses three Geotextile Tubes to dredge sediment and dewater at a coal fire industrial plant in northern Florida.

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