About Us

Geo-Synthetics Systems LLC (GSI) is a distributor, fabricator, and installer of geosynthetic materials for a broad range of erosion control and containment applications for landfill sites, construction sites, road construction projects and contaminated waterways. For over 40 years, Geo-Synthetics has been  providing geosynthetic materials, project field support, and installation expertise where containment, erosion control, and contamination clean-up are needed.

GSI is one of the country’s largest independent installers of liners for landfill sites, and manages installation projects in all parts of the country.  In addition, with its GEOSTRUX™ geotextile tubes, GSI has supported sediment clean-up projects on waterways throughout the United States.  GSI is an authorized distributor for many of the most recognized names of geosynthetic materials and erosion control products.  GSI provides effective and responsive product distribution to landscape, environmental engineering, and general contractors from its distribution facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Installation Services

Our experience lies in the more than 350 million square feet of geosynthetic solutions we have installed from coast-to-coast. You can rely on our experience to assist in project planning, accurate estimating, project management, and the best geosynthetic installation reputation in the industry. If job site safety, timeliness, and high quality work are of importance to you, then GSI is your choice. Geosynthetics are ideal for contaminant, waste management and seepage control. GSI offers a wide range of materials that have been extensively researched, tested and proven for long-term use in many primary or secondary applications including:

  •  Solid Waste Landfills
  • Sewage Lagoons
  •  Evaporation and Brine Ponds
  • Decorative Ponds
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Mine Tailing Ponds
  • Agriculture
  • Ash Monofill Hazardous Waste Landfills

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Unmatched Capabilities, Unmatched Benefits

Our slitting, seaming and re-rolling capabilities enable us to tailor products to fit exact needs and specifications while our large, centrally located facility allows guaranteed quick shipments to any destination. At GSI, we pride ourselves on our service. In addition to our well-trained Midwest-based customer service professionals, you may rely upon our products specialists located throughout the United States. Whatever your needs or wherever your site is located, GSI is positioned to serve you.

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Geotextile Tubes

GEOSTRUX™ geotextile tubes are produced using high strength woven fabrics which are manufactured to exacting standards by our in-house fabrication group. Once on site, GEOSTRUX™ geotextile  tubes are hydraulically filled with heavily saturated sediment, sand or waste materials. When fully dewatered, the sediment has reduced weight and volume, allowing for more cost-effective material handling. In coastal applications, the structure is strategically placed before filling to provide cost effective shoreline protection or habitat creation.

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