Drainage Geocomposites

Geocomposite Drainage Systems are engineered to replace costly, conventional open graded aggregate and/or perforated- pipe subsurface drainage systems. The Geocomposite Drainage System is created by laminating a filtration geotextile on one or both sides of a Geonet. Geocomposite Drainage Systems have reached acceptance as state-of-the-practice because they provide sufficient in-place drainage and offer reduced material cost, installation time and design complexity over conventional systems.

  • Leachate Collection Layers
  • Gas Venting or Leak Detection Layers
  • Groundwater Suppression Layers

We list only the most common Geocomposites. All Hypernet┬« Geonets can be ordered as geocomposites with fabrics on one or both sides, ranging from 4oz – 6oz.

FABRINET (4oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINET0204
FABRINET (6oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINET26200
FABRINET (8oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINET0208
FABRINET HF (6oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINETHF26
FABRINET HF (8oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINETHF28
FABRINET HF (10oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINETHF28
FABRINET HS (6oz fabric, 2 sides) DGSEFABRINETHS26
Available in 14.5ft wide rolls, varied lengths approx. 200ft long. Fabrinet® Geocomposites are also available with fabric on one side.