Geocomposite Soil Sheet Drains

American Wick Drain Prefabricated Geocomposite Sheet Drains have a flat back which is pressed against an underground structure such as a basement wall or subsurface footing. The pressure of backfilled soils holds the Sheet Drain in place. A filtration geotextile covers the drainage core. The geotextile allows unrestricted flow of moisture into the core while it restricts the passing of soil particles which could contaminate and clog the core. Since most of the soil exposed surface of a subsurface structure is covered with the Geocomposite Sheet Drain, hydrostatic pressure is virtually eliminated. At less than 5oz/sf, Geocomposite sheet drains are very lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install. They require no special equipment or skilled labor.

  • Plaza Decks, Roof Decks and Planters
  • Retaining Walls
  • Foundations and Basement Drains


SITE DRAIN 90 4’X50′ DSITE90450
SITE DRAIN 114 4′ X 50 DSITE114
SITE DRAIN 180 4′ X 50′ DSITE180450
SITE DRAIN 184 4′ X 50′ DSITE184450
SITE DRAIN 184-B 4′ X 50′ DSITE184B450
SITE DRAIN 186W 4′ X 50′ DSITE186W

AWD Prefabricated Geocomposite Sheet Drains are sold in rolls, 4ft wide x 50ft long


AWD sheet drain moves water quickly to weep holes to relieve hydrostatic pressure. Loads on the wall are reduced. Freeze expansion is eliminated. Lighter and lower cost structures are possible.