Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM’s)

Proven performance has resulted in the widespread use and acceptance of Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) as a permanent, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to hard armor erosion protection solutions such as concrete and rip rap. UV and chemical resistant synthetic polyolefins are manufactured to create a flexible three dimensional matrix. Seed and soil are held in place within the matrix. As the vegetation matures, roots and stems inter-twine with the matrix, creating a “Biotechnical Composite” that is permanently anchored to the soil greatly enhancing the turfs’ ability to withstand high shear stresses and flow velocities.

Landlok® TRMs 450, & 300 are green in color to provide instant aesthetics when installed non-soil filled. For best performance, soil filling is still recommended.


Enkamat® Turf Reinforcement Mats are permanent erosion protection mats with a flexible three-dimensional structure. The mat’s root structure provides new vegetation with stability in order to survive under adverse conditions.


Applications for TRMs include:

  • Steep Slopes
  • Drainage Ditches and Channels
  • Irrigation and Stormwater Ponds
  • Levees, Dams & Dikes
pyra Landlok® TRMs are now made with new X3® Fiber technology to capture more seed, soil and water for faster seeding emergence.

Pyramat® High Performance TRM

Clearly in a class all its own, Pyramat® HPTRM is a highly engineered, precisely manufactured product that has raised the bar on Turf Reinforcement Technology. Pyramat® HPTRM is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to UV light with negligible degradation, assuring functional longevity in areas slow to vegetate. Pyramat® HPTRM is available in Green or Tan, instantly provides aesthetics in these same areas. With its superior strength and performance values, Pyramat® HPTRM can be used with confidence on your steepest slopes and most demanding channels.

  • Pipe Inlet/Outlet Protection
  • High Flow Drainage Channels
  • Stream banks & Shorelines
  • Landfill Slopes & Channels
Pyramat® HPTRMs has more than 10 times the strength of standard TRMs.
LANDLOK 435 8′ X 140.5′ 1255 y E05LLTRM435
LANDLOK 450 8′ X 140.5′ *Approved for use as a WI DOT class 3A TRM E05LL450G8
ENKAMAT 7010 8′ X 169′ *Approved for use as a WI DOT class 3B TRM EENKA70108
ENKAMAT 7020 8′ X 112.5′ *Approved for use as a WI DOT class 3C TRM EENKA70208
PYRAMAT 25 8.5′ X 120′ *Approved for use as a WI DOT class 3C TRM E05PYRG25
PYRAMAT 75 8.5′ X 120′ *Approved for use as a WI DOT class 3D TRM E05PYRG75