Triangular Silt Dike

Made with lightweight and durable materials, Triangular Silt Dike® Barrier weighs just 7 or 9 lbs per seven foot section and installs in minutes with U-shaped wire staples. Built-in aprons on both sides of the barrier prevent undermining and scour from failing the structure. Triangular Silt Dike® Barrier is durable enough to be driven over, returning immediately to its original shape, yet flexible enough to be installed on rough or rocky terrain. The units are reusable, and multiple units can be interconnected to create a continuous barrier.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reusable

The larger Silt Dike is approved for use as a WI DOT ‘ditch check.’

TRIANGULAR SILT DIKE (10″ Base, 5” Height) SDIKE10
TRIANGULAR SILT DIKE (20″ Base, 10” Height) SDIKE20

Sold in 7ft lengths.



Triangular Silt Dike® Barriers offer a variety of economical and effective solutions to contain construction site run-off.