Tool Rental

GSI Rental Equipment

Some products in this catalog require the use of special tools for fastening or assembly prior to and during installation. Some project specifications will require the use of a particular tool or machine for proper installation. Other times a proper tool can just increase your efficiencies.  We make them available to our customers, and will even stop out and show you how to use them. Call us, we will be happy to review your project with you and determine if a special tool is required or will help things go more smoothly.

GSI has a number of Union Special® Hand Held Sewing Machines capable of sewing a Federal Stitch Type 401 locking chain stitch, the industry standard. Sewing machines can be used to sew most common geotextiles. UNION SPECIAL HAND HELD SEW
image_Page_50_Image_0002 In most applications of cellular confinement systems, it is required that adjoining sections be secured together with a fold over type staple. Our P50 Staplers are very reliable and get the job done quickly.                                                             P50 PNEUMATIC STAPLERSTAPLES FOR P50 STAPLER (2500/BOX) PSTAPLEGUNPSTAPLE50
When assembling Gabions, a Pneumatic Hog Ring Guns can be rented to secure the overlapping hog ring fasteners. The gun is self feeding making it a real time saver. The fasteners are available as Stainless Steel or
Galvanized coated.
(Galv., box of 1600)OVERLAP FASTENER
(SS, box of 1600)


Contact your salesperson for details on when / where our rental tools are available. Ph. 800-444-5523